What is copyright?

It is a form of intellectual property law. It protects an author or creator from his or her stuff being pirated and used without permission.

Your site has a great image. Can I use it without asking?

Not without written permission, you’re breaking the law. I would feel very bad if I would make you an criminal, so why not try to use an image after asking?

I want to use an image, what do I need to ask?

If you want to use an image, simply send me an e-mail. Tell me which image you want to use and how you want to use the image. I will contact you and inform you about the possibilities and limitations. Many times I can give you a release for free, but sometimes I ask a fee.

Note: images from people are also protected by ‘portrait rights’. If I don’t have a written ‘model release form’ from the model, you can be sued by the model if you use an image with her portrait.