Hendrik van der Veen has been behind the lens of a camera since his late teens when he got his first camera from his father: the Revueflex SLR with 50mm lens. From that moment photography was a fundamental part of his interests. Since the digital revolution, his passion for photography got a boost up until this moment.

His interests are broad. From landscape or nature photography to intimate pregnancy photography and … everything in-between. Although his ambition is to pay more attention to fashion, glamour and model photography and especially on location. A skilled make-up artist is part of the team to complement most shoots and lift the results to professional quality.

After he finished his medical education at the University of Groningen, his professional experience made it clear that “talking about yourself in third person is … weird”, but also that, how short and vulnerable our being is. It’s my strong belief that life is something to seek out, to find and hold tightly when you have the opportunity. How many times don’t you lose the moment? I try to open my eyes and spirit for all those nice diversities. A good communication with the model is important for a great end-result. As a (long time former) moderator on international photography board FredMiranda.com, communication and education are equally important. I have a special interest for the post-production and high-end retouch, but probably suck at it.

My other interests include martial arts (also as an instructor), playing the Celtic Low D whistle (among others), listening to neo-celtic paganfolk like the band ‘Omnia’, “Faun” or other weird music. I admire creative people, people who dare to wander outside the norm, think outside the box. Freedom, spontaneity, creativity and pleasure are imho some of the elements of a good life.