Hundreds of Images You don’t Want


Have you ever counted the number of images in one of the fashion magazines? Take your CosmoGirl, Vogue, Elle or other available fashion glossy and take a look. Around five, maybe ten in a typical topic, … but definitely not hundreds.

I always wonder why some photographers think it’s an extra service to give their models a CD with all the images made during the shoot. The model isn’t happy. Maybe she thinks she is, but in the end she isn’t. She needs to go through all those images and needs to select the few that are the best. Photographers use special tools (e.g. Adobe Lightroom) to make selecting a bit more easily. Imaging your model doing the same, but without this aid. Almost a mission impossible. After a long time digging through all those, mostly sub-par, images, it would be a wonder her self-esteem isn’t flushed down the drain. Models, sometimes forget that every image needs some developing and retouching. Even the images of our perfect beauty Dutch model Doutzen gets a lot of post-production retouching. One of the professional retouchers of a high-class fashion magazine told me once; it takes 8-12 hours of retouching, to make an image suitable for the cover of the Vogue, Cosmo or Elle. Even if you spent 5-minutes on each image, you still need more than eight hours to ‘retouch’ hundred images.

Models only want the best. Models want the images that are developed and retouched. My suggestion to those photographers who always give all images, make a small selection and retouch these for the model. You don’t want your sub-par images on the net do you? One of your goals is to make the model happy. A happy model results in a happy photographer and that’s all we want, isn’t it? Models, if you meet a photographer who wants to give you all the images, just politely decline and ask for a selection of the best. You really don’t want and need the others.